Proporí, collective conjurers of composition, stranded in the cracks of time. Proporí – a tapestry of rhythm, rhyme and reason; reflecting and deflecting from the unreal world they inhabit.

A revealing of the masked inner voices – hidden from today’s Backwardian beast

Their sound is a distinctive contemporary folk guitar style fused with a Latin/Spanish/Eastern touch with deep, burgeoning lyrics that hide nothing from the listener

Stunningly beautiful and unique music from the shores of Northern England; the music of Propori is designed around an energy that is untouchable, yet undeniably present.

Chapter one – El Nacimiento saw many productive and effective months as a duo – El Señor Proporí & Matthew Billington. Together they crafted out the early stages at El punto de los almirantes in sunny Bispham.

Next the pieces needed rhythm and bottom end and along came Jon Boy McCaughey on bass.

The arrival of Jon Boy turned the Acoustica into more defined songs and together with El Señor they form ‘Dos Señores Proporís’ and ‘Cowboyesque productions’. The polyrhythmic Daniel ‘The Sultan’ Moss on kit brought out a fusion of contemporary rhythm – Raggers added the melancholic violin glueing together the synths of The Inspector. Jojo Banshee joined in the Summer of 2017, her Bush-esque style vocals enchants the audience and compliments El Señor Proporí perfectly.

Proporí….the collective, now elevated to another level – performing events around the North of England

Matthew Billington changed direction to concentrate on solo work in the Spring of 2017 but he contributed to the project again in February 2018 at Electric Smoke studios in a session recorded by Sean Berry.

‘The Most Important Thing We Could Possibly Do’ is the first offering from Proporí which consists of 5 tracks…..including the tailor made ‘MODERN DAY MAGIC’ which is also released on ‘ORPHANS’ the charity album download from North Shadows Records, a French Portuguese label from Arras, France. This compilation is a production to help Portuguese firefighters. All the benefits will be sent to the voluntereers bombeiros of Monchique to help them purchase much-needed equipment to fight the massive forest fires they have to fight every year.

Visually Proporís definitions of art come out from the head of Jojo Banshee which depict the poetry/philosophy of El Señor Proporí. The front cover sleeves are weaved together by the heart renderingly beautiful works of Chris J Oddie.

They occasionally make a film/video ‘SPEEDING IN THE SLOW LANE’ the last by film director Samuel Andrew Fenton. Proporí are currently making ‘WHEN THE HEART WANTS TO BREAK’ with Owen Brindle and Tony Warnes All done in the beautiful surroundings of Lancashire.

Proporí prefer to be in a constant state of development; experimenting using their creative formula rather than the typical pop copout-like a common smart prison.

Each song starts with El Señor Proporí and Jon Boy McCaughey in the acoustic non electric Phase One then it’s taken into Phase Two mode, using amplification and sound manipulation that meets the rest of the collective – Jojo Banshee , The Sultan and latest member Russell Russell -‘The Bread Dipper’ Phase three creates the bridge with the Algarve ‘PONTE PROPORÍ’ with ‘Malastrugança

Produtore Musical & BoxMusic Studios Proprietário Davis M Sousa, Músicos da Sessão Algarvia Paulo Franco & Pedro Parreira.

‘Cowboyesque’ always has the last say before it’s delivered into the hands of ‘THE DAZZLER’ where the final results gets mastered.

Proporí will perform at Sunbird Records, A666 The Circus, Darwen on Friday 22/03/2019 and will return to Portugal to record the next EP at BoxMusic Studios. They will perform at Associaçāo Cultural Re-Criativa República 14, Olhão, Portugal Sábado, 27 de abril. h